Make-up that will make you look younger: From wrinkle-fighting foundation and anti-ageing eyeshadow to mascara that makes your lashes thicker!

Make-up that will make you look younger: From wrinkle-fighting foundation and anti-ageing eyeshadow to mascara that makes your lashes thicker!

There used to be a clear division between make-up and anti-ageing products – one made you look pretty, the other improved the condition of your skin.
But thanks to breakthroughs in cosmetic science, the make-up you use on your face can improve it, too.
‘It’s all about multi-tasking products,’ says Wendy Lewis, cosmetics expert and editor of lifestyle and beauty blog Beauty In The Bag.

‘Women are busy, so it’s not surprising they are willing to open their wallets for make-up that does more and saves them time.’
A new genre of anti-ageing make-up offers benefits usually associated with hi-tech serums and creams.

Many have been subjected to rigorous scientific testing, such as Clinique’s Even Better Makeup SPF15, which offers coverage and sun protection, but also promises to even out skin tone.
There are foundations to fight wrinkles and concealers that cover and treat dilated blood vessels, blocked lymph channels and sagging skin. Here’s our pick of the best.

Elizabeth Arden’s Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow (Click here) reduces the signs of ageing around the eye while protecting skin from future damage. The key ingredient is retinyl linoleate, which is derived from vitamin A.
It helps encourage collagen production in the skin and boasts vitamins C and E which neutralise the free radical molecules that accelerate ageing and help protect the delicate eye area.

Most mascaras concentrate on vamping up the volume of your lashes with gunky formulas.
Shavata’s Extreme Volumising Mascara (Click here) gives great colour and definition to lashes thanks to nourishing candelilla and carnauba wax. These botanically derived waxes coat and protect lashes, making them stronger and longer over time.

Bronzer can leave your skin dry thanks to its powdery base, but Cargo Hydra Bronze (Click here) crams in moisturising particles of hyaluronic acid.
The result is a hydrating bronzer with a great, non-shimmery glow that brings moisture to the skin. Over time it will help restore smoothness and elasticity, too.

Transparent foundation Glamour Shot (Click here) from French brand Sampar not only improves the look of skin but also smoothes wrinkles.
It contains oat extract for lifting, hyaluronic acid for moisturising, horse chestnut extract to tighten pores and anti-inflammatories from oats to reduce redness.

We already know mineral make-up is good for our skin: it allows it to breathe and helps absorb excess oil.
Pür Minerals has gone one step further with its new 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF15 (Click here).
‘We have reformulated all our products to include a clinically proven anti- ageing technology called Ceretin,’ says Julie Campbell of Pür.
‘We have studies to show that after four weeks, your skin looks brighter, more hydrated and wrinkles will be reduced.’
The Ceretin complex includes retinol to speed skin cell turnover as well as hyaluronic acid and ceramides to moisturise.

Many lipsticks contain some form of moisturising ingredient such as ceramides to prevent dry, chapped lips, but Shiseido Perfect Rouge (Click here) goes even further.
It offers anti-ageing ingredients including a ‘moisture-lock complex’ of hyaluronic acid, which holds many times its own weight in water to hydrate and plump lips.
There is also a volumising oil, which reduces the appearance of ageing vertical lines on the lips.

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